Erna Schneider Hoover and the Computerized Telephone Switching System

 Switchboad operators

 Before the 1950’s, “Number please” was what you would hear each time you picked up the phone to make a call. A personable touch to what would soon be a booming post WWII industry (Hoover.pdf). A phone operator would then manually connect your call to the number desired using a switchboard and an array of cords, plugs, and options. This became too time consuming and the switchboard couldn’t keep up with the high volume of calls as society started expanding and telephones were a more commonplace household item (Wikipedia) . With the increase in demand came a demand for technology, and soon after the switchboard was extinct, the computerized telephone switching system was invented. This invention was not only a breakthrough for companies and all telephone users, but for women as well. Erna Schneider Hoover broke the chains of expectations and became a leading woman in the technology industry.


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